In order to play on Apna PIB Servers follow these instructions.

  • 1. Intall Counter Strike from or click here.
  • 2. Download the Patch v23b and install in Counter Strike Root Directory.
  • 3. Download sXe Injected Setup 13.3 Fix 2 and install it.
  • 4. Run sXe Injected and when window appears minimize it.
  • 5. Run Counter Strike From your Desktop Shortcut icon.
  • 6. Click on FindServer.
  • 7. Click Favourites Tab and Click on Add Server Button.
  • 8. Add all the Server's One by One.
  • 9. After adding all Server's double click on any server to play.

Note : Please make sure to allow hl.exe file from your Firewall which is located where you installed Counter Strike and sxe-injected.exe file where you installed sxe-injected.

Apna PIB Servers List

  • 1.   (Apna PIB Match Server)
  • 2.   (Apna PIB Death Match Server)
  • 3.   (Apna PIB Staff Match Server)